Paving slabs provide a much more attractive and durable sidewalks and plaza surface than cast-in-place concrete or asphalt. ICPI members making slabs offer them in a range of colors, often with surface treatments such as polished, ground or blasted to create a stone-like appearance. Paving slabs communicate understated sophistication not achieved by conventional pavements.

High reflectance paving slabs on a roof help reduce the urban heat island.

Light colored units can be used to meet solar reflectance requirements in LEED v4. They can be used in permeable applications for pedestrian use only to reduce stormwater runoff. Paving slabs decks are used as ballast on roofs, either on pedestals or laid on a bedding aggregate. They help protect and can increase the life of the waterproof membrane. For guidance on slab roof applications, read ICPI Tech Spec 14 – Concrete Paving Units for Roof Decks.

Permeable application: Paving slabs placed on an open-graded aggregate base to take in rainfall.