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Terms & Conditions The "Find a Contractor" program (“Program”) of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (‘ICPI’) is Intended to serve only as an informational resource for ICPI website users. The Issuance of a ‘Certified Paver Installer" certificate by ICPI designates only that the participating Certified Paver Installer has completed the required two-day course of Instruction and eamed a passing grade on the examination administered at the end of the course and necessary to obtain a certificate. It is not a certification of their professional experience, qualifications, performance or materials used. ICPI exercises no control or direction over the paver installers listed in connection with the Program. ICPI does not in any way endorse, guarantee or certify the experience, performance, quality of services or products of any of the companies or Certified Paver Installers listed in the Program. ICPI strongly urges users to exercise diligence and care In the selection of any paver installer contractor or materials. Other terms and conditions may apply. Click here to view full terms and conditions.