Member Resources

Continuing Education Presentations for Contractors

AIA/ASLA Approved Continuing Education Programs for Design Professionals

ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Final regulations revising ADA regulations, including ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Published in the Federal Register on September 15, 2010 the revised regulations amend Title II and Title III regulations.


ICPI advances knowledge in interlocking concrete pavement through technical research.  Technical research studies include paving unit test methods, wheelchair pavement interaction studies, crosswalk durability and permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) research.

City, State/Provincial Stormwater Best Management Practices

A listing of various cities, states and provinces Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Committee Participation

ICPI voting members can participate on the fllowing standing committees: Construction, Dues and Bylaws, Education, Meetings, Membership and Trade Show, Marketing, Technical and Government Relations. ICPI also has the Contractor Education Subcommittee, Canadian Government Relations Subcommittee and the Hardscape North America Special Steering and Program Committees.  Committee members develop programs and budgets to fulfill the ICPI mission.

Targeting the Municipal/Government Market 

U.S. legislation requires states and municipalities to reduce stormwater runoff and pollution with a selection of best management practices. One of them is permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP).  PICP has been regulated into existence. Now, it’s up to the interlocking concrete pavement industry to deliver this technology to municipalities and design professionals.

How to Sell Government Projects

There is great potential for tapping into the sale of products to the U.S. government. Randy Pence of Capitol Hill Advocates has supplied these two guidance memorandum on selling product to the U.S. federal civilian market and the US military market.

ICPI Bylaws and Policy Manual

Guidelines for members and staff on ICPI activities and programs

ICPI Member Logo

Use the trademark on your company's stationary, promotional literature and web sites

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement Municipal Ordinance

PICP municipal ordinance for use by ICPI members.

Safety Programs and Resources

ICPI’s promotes safety in the workplace and helps members maintain safer and more productive plants and jobsites.

Social Media

Social media tools have quickly emerged as an important way that associations both communicate with their members and enable their members to interact with each other. Associations have an advantage in social media since their very essence of being is to provide expert information and resources to their members. ICPI utilizes social media tools including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Technical Resources

ICPI will place important technical information for members only on this page.