Promote Your Business with ICPI

Being an ICPI member gives you the power to let your customers know that you belong to an organization dedicated to assuring that segmental pavement systems are the preferred choice for sustainable and environmentally friendly pavements in North America.  Use these tools to proudly promote your membership affiliation with ICPI.

ICPI Fact Sheet

Do you have a speaking engagement?  Attending a trade show or conference? Holding a seminar?  Be able to answer to common questions when discussing ICPI among your peers, customers, etc.

ICPI Member logo

Take advantage of using the ICPI member logo on your website and promotional materials. You will also receive a membership certificate (or plaque) for display in your workspace. 

ICPI Certified Installer Logo

The ICPI Certified Installer logo belongs on the window of every certified installer’s vehicle, on every business card, brochure and website. It reassures prospective and existing customers, and recognizes each installer who achieves certification. Only an ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installer display this item.

ICPI E-Tech Program

This popular subscription allows members to have the most up-to-date version of ICPI Tech Specs on their company website, readily available to visitors with just a click of a button.  It also directs design professionals and contractors searching for technical information on ICPI’s website to the subscribing member’s personalized and branded web page.  As an E-Tech Subscriber, your company’s web banner and contact information will be linked on each Tech Spec that is viewed or printed from the ICPI website.  Subscribers are provided with an E-tech image link to place on their website that will bring viewers directly to their personalized and branded Tech Spec page.

ICPI Education Program Sponsorship

Provide education and information to your customers by giving a presentation for design professionals, sponsoring a paver installer course, or offering other education programs that support the continuing education requirements for ICPI Certified Installers.

Ad Slicks

ICPI has created ad slicks for you to use to help promote awareness to consumers and members about various programs and events. Use them in your newsletters, product catalogs and brochures.

Video Spot

This 60 second video shows how permeable interlocking concrete pavement is an effective, sustainable, low-impact development response to today’s stormwater management issues.

Trade Show Booth Signs

Are you exhibiting at an upcoming tradeshow?  Proudly display the ICPI Member Logo in your booth!  ICPI will send you a 14.75x7.25 inch self-standing sign to display in your trade show booth.  To request a member booth sign, contact Elaine Toms at (703) 657-6900(703) 657-6900 or email

Meetings & Events

Promote your company and show your commitment to the industry by sponsoring an event at an ICPI meeting!  Sponsors receive recognition before, during and after each meeting.  Show your support and sponsor today!  Contact Alecia Burke, Manager of Meetings, for information on sponsoring upcoming events (703) 657-6908(703) 657-6908 or email

Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Invite your colleagues and customers to join ICPI and receive rewards! You joined ICPI for many reasons, but chances are it didn't happen without a little nudge from a friend or colleague.  Simply tell your colleagues why you joined, why you continue to be a member and how the contacts you've made through ICPI have influenced your business. 


Include these pre-written articles in your company newsletters, blogs, landscape and related trade magazines, local newspapers, and more!

Installer Development Program Materials

ICPI will provide up to 100 copies of the ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Certification and Recognition Programs brochure to members at no cost.  To order brochures, contact Anya Plana-Hutt at (703) 657-6900(703) 657-6900 or email

Additional Tips for Promoting Your ICPI Installer Certification

You've earned it, why not promote it?  Create a buzz and promote yourself and/or the certified installers on staff that help make your business a success.  Tell everyone including your customers, vendors and colleagues of your commitment, accomplishments and expertise.  By marketing your ICPI certification and/or designations, you can enhance your company’s image and increase your competitive edge.

Looking for something else?  Contact Meredith Hoydilla, Director of Marketing and Membership at (703) 657-6900(703) 657-6900 or email for additional resources.